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name overall comments
Lisa Waitt 3 For some reason it made me check out twice. I hope I'm not charged twice for the order.
donna boyette 5 Website is easy to use and great choices of boarders
  5 Pleasant customer support and very professional.
Dianne Valenti 3 Happy with what I found, however I Was hoping to get a discount offer on my first order.
Deborah Cozzens 5 I don't have anything to say yet!!
Susan Mendez 5 very user friendly. gave good info on products
rose maxey 4 So far, so good, just ordered
Donna Smith 4 It would have been prefect if I could have put in the colors I wanted instead of having to look through everything.  But you do have a large and nice selection.
Steve 5 easy good
Vickie Collins 4 Had to place my order on online.  Had tried several times to contact this company by phone but was impossible.
  5 Love the choices
  5 I am in heaven with all the borders
  5 Quick and easy
Pam 4 I found what I was wanting. GREAT!!!!!!
Monica Linden 5 Lot's of selections.  Fair prices.  Very excited to receive product.
delilah 5 Website easy to use
  5 been everywhere looking for a specific border.  Finally.
Ginny covey 5 Thank you for having this border. My twin grandbabies pulled mine right off the wall and you guys had it.  Love this.
irma davis 5 very easy to order
carol 4 Always hard to see colors online.  But they turned out to be okay.
John Kurecka 5 Thank you.
wendy c. kimura 5 it was a little confusing.  i ordered 2 wallpaper (same design) borders from 2 different

sellers.  they both arrived in the same package.  i thought when i was responding to

one i was responding to both.
Katherine Hall 5 When we got ready to put the border up, I find it will not work for the area I was going to put it, I was unaware the botto was scalloped, is there a way I can return it and order another?
Cindy Neiheisl 5 Very happy with my shopping experience.
MaryE Fields 5 Fast and easy to navigate.
Christina St Pierre 5 Nice site, with great prices.
  5 I'll know more after I receive my order.  Love the selection!
nancy 5 The product looks  great.  I have spent  about the last 4 hours looking for just the right thing, and, all of a sudden there were these beautiful angels and how could I resist.  My only problem was with PayPal.  I couldn't manage to confirm my order  through them.  Finally I gave e up and paid it from my card directly.  Thank you!
Carolyn Bowman 3 No coupons, no promo codes, no discounts.
  5 Great, easy website to place orders.  Thanks, Kevin
Sabrina Wilburn 2 My border wont stick... it was labeled as "pre-pasted" I never had this problem with a border before and the customer serv. rep said it was because it was an "old" stock.  That was not included with a bottle of glue!
Michelle Andreasen 5 Easy and reliable.
  5 PayPal method missing final button to complete transaction.. had to use credit card instead.
Gordon Hill 5 no worries at all
Dottie 5 Had what I was looking for and made finding it easy on the website.
valerie garrity 5 nio
Sarah Graden 5 Found what I have been looking for for over a year, thanks
  5 I love how you are able to enlarge each border & see the details of them.

Order came to my home very promptly. 
Marilyn Eisbrouch 5 It was wonderful to find so many choices.
Wayman 4 I tried to call and e-mail them, but they did not respond
catherine ibold 1 I have tried for about 4 days to make this order - your web page would not complete for some reason and just continued to process but never moved past confirmation. I am not sure if I have ordered 2 rolls of the wall paper or 4 - I NEED ONLY 2 - so if I have ordered multiples. please only ship TWO. thank you.
Patricia Gorrell 5 So far so good no problems very easy to use website and checkout.
melis 2 First time
catherine ibold 1 I am trying to order border - I ordered it, put in my paypal information but cannot complete the order - there is no shipping available. I do not know if I was charged for this or not. I just tried to call your customer service number and only got a recording.
Cheryl Goodlock 4 Found out I needed two rolls and went back to the shopping cart to change the quantity to two and was kicked out and then was told I had nothing in my cart so had to go to find that pattern all over again. Luckily it was in the first four pages of the floral patterns so didn't have to look too long.
Mary wasik 4 Good
Donna Shear 5 Enjoyed shopping on your site.  Many, many choices to choose from!
Debbie Sova 5 Found exactly what I was looking for.
Snackcake 5 Everything was as promise
Janice McManus 5 everything went fine
Faith Gabele-Blasdel 5 Great
juanita judd 5 very good
Gregory Marsh 5 Excellent! Great variety of products from which to chose and I highly

recommend Dream Wall Decor - you won't be disappointed.
susan carrozza 5 Beautiful selections of borders- Thank you

Everything related to your company was perfect. 

The USPS though - misdelivered my package and I had to go way out of my way to get it back!

I live @ 86 Harrington Avenue in New Haven, CT -- ALL the delivery organizations-USPS, FEDEX, United Parcel - more than 1/2 the time deliver my packages around the corner to 86 Huntington Avenue-

Your package was marked boldly with Priority Mail-Insured/etc and it still got put into their mailbox!

They keep any and everything that gets misdelivered--If I hadn't been tracking it, I wouldn't have gotten it!

Thank you though- I have used it and the wall I put it on is wonderful! Sue Carrozza
Jose Najera 5 User friendly system
Amy Lolli 5 I've received everything very quickly and really appreciate it.  Easy to put pre-pasted wall border.
sherry champion 5 Very easy , great patterns to choose from.
lorrel boughton 5 Great so far hope it comes soon.Men are working at house now!
K Wick 4 You have a decent selection. Not perfect but good.
Prices are competitive.
paige Vaughan 4 I am glad there are so many choices and it is easy to order
Bernard Harty 5 Excellent selection of various styles & patterns to choose from, all at a very reasonable price. (But shipping charges to Australia aren't listed)
marilyn llewellyn 5 found just what I wanted what more can I say
Colleen Mattson 5 So far, so good
Linda Rosland 5 Big selection of wallpaper borders.
gshrier 5 Easy to use and had a great selection to chose from..
Scott 5 Liked shopping on your site very good selections
Mary Beth  4 since when does a successful company not answer its phone in person ??

Product was much lighter in color and intensity than what was pictured on the website, but I will probably find a use for it somewhere.
Mary Kilhoffer 5 Fast and easy....cant wait to see my order
Nicole 3 I hope this comes and is legit.
Brandy Widner 5 I can not wait to receive my border.
Jack Heinricher 5 So far so good.
Mary wasik 1 Trying to track a order sent to wrong state that has no record .I want to find my order and not one person will even contact me back.::) m getting frustrated more by the minute my order #8368 was supposed to been shipped on 8/24/15 and I can't even track it cause there's no records of it on the tracking number you guys sent me I would like contact with some info on my order asap thank you m.wasik55@yahoo.com or 317 547 9521 or 317 223 3969.correct address is 8210 patton dr Indianapolis,Indians 46226
Karen Lind 5 good....
Mary wasik 1 No available customer service representative to get a hold of
Kris Dolva 5 after hours of searching I found just the right border, easy to find, easy to order, reasonable price   Thank you
  5 Completelysatisfied
Jerry 5 Nice doing business with you!
phwhfx 3 I live in Canada.  Ordered a border and paid in US dollars only to find that the product was made and shipped from Canada!!
ANNIE MOEDER 5 GREAT selection and pricing.
PATRICIA LEACH 5 Found a perfect wallpaper for my house in a matter of minutes at a very reasonable price.
Rachel Henderson 5 quick and easy
  5 Love this site.
Rafael Padilla 5 Have nothing to say. All good
Thomas Henry 5 my wife and I didn't have any problems with site
Dora Shaffer 5 Good, but I will wait and see what my order looks like and how soon it gets here.  Thanks
Colleen Holt 4 I have looked at numerous sites and really liked the variety of patterns dream wall décor has
Paquita Talley 5 Thank You
Carl Fahlstrom 5 Easy to follow
Catherine Atkins 4 Very good.
RaNae 5 great
Louis Rezin 4 Ordering process was easy. Nice that it is backed up with Norton protection. I hope the product delivery, and quality will be just as good.
Emily Sims 4 I'm very happy with the border I ordered, but when I needed to order another roll, I had trouble placing the 2nd order.  I got a Voicemail message  when I tried to call, and no one called me back.  It was the following day before I got a response to my email.  The 10% discount code I received for signing up for the newsletter didn't work.  The 2nd shopping experience was frustrating for these reasons, but I finally got the order to go through.  The first time I ordered, everything went smoothly.  I would be happier if Customer Service by phone was readily available if there are questions or problems when ordering online.
Greg Howard 5 I'll let you know about the quality of the product once it gets here.
raphael silva 5 it was pretty easy to buy!
  5 nice selection
Emily Sims 5 Love the wallpaper border I ordered from you!  I need one more roll to complete the room and have emailed an inquiry.  Will reorder when I get a response to my questions.  Thanks!
Dorian E Torres 5 Great easy service!
  5 Have a lot of optional products.
Carolyn Kramer 5 It was a simple shopping experience.
Jeannie 5 I hope this looks like the color specified
Andrea Foley 5 Ordering was easy
Vicki Butler 5 Easy to use and quick!
Vickie Ward 5 Great web site. Easy to access with good selections.
Joyce 5 The only thing that was disappointing was that I received a pop-up advertisement on your website that said if you sign up for your newsletter that I would receive a 10% discount off of my order that I placed and did not receive it. I feel like you should honor that. I purchased a pretty sizable order expecting the discount.

  5 like the ease of using your site.
Belinda Roseberry 5 It was great!
Bobbie 4 Everything was just as it appeared online and the shipping was as promised. 
  4 I notice a 10% off today, but it did not show up on the order.
Gale marsan 5 I like choosing at home . plenty of choices. Next room that I do, I will use this website!!!
  5 love the website easy to use as long as you make a profile if not it does not keep your list on the wishlist
Lester Gardieff 5 Great selection, easy to select from categories, very well laid out site
Rod Blue 5 Quick and Easy!
Cordie Sumner 5 Great selection and efficient delivery.
Limin 5 Great shopping experience...
barbara 5 very good and it was easy to keep coming back to the one i liked best while i kept looking for what i wanted
BAA 5 The delivery time was due to the package being held at the post office not the fault of dreamwalldecor
Linda Maxey 1 I have left numerous messages no return I have tried without success to receive help in the ordering process and spent hours trying to get my order in I only continued to try   because I couldn't find my one border and where else I would not tell others good things about your co.!!!!
lew 5 easy to navigate.. check is simple and quick
william & jackie  5 it was easy , great and enjoyable. i love my product i ordered.
Barbara Muckle 5 biggest problem is choosing! great variety
Kim 5 very good
Anne Szeligowski 5 Selection is amazing and pricing is great.
Sandra strain 5 So far so good
Pat V 5 Will be using this store whenever I need decorating items!  Best ever and best prices!
Cynthia Ike 5 Quick & easy ordering.
  5 good value and good selection
Jeannette Bowers 5 site very user friendly.
Lucy Carlson 4 your discount coupons couldn't be used.  They were very old.  Should be removed.  Wasted time.
Janet Hoffman 5 Great site.
Marilyn Brown 5 Site easy to understand. No frustration. Looking forward to seeing the paper.

The paper is beautiful and just the way it was advertised. 
roberta k teter 5 easy website to use
cynthia tobey 5 Easy selecting the products
Peggy Berg 5 I found several patterns on your website that I like.  The others that I looked at, I couldn't find ANY.  I hope I like it when it comes.  :-)
  5 everything is fine
Kathleen white 5 So far-so good
  5 Large selection of designs at a great price!
Lucy Qattalik 5 There was a message about the shipping method so, I am not sure if I will receive my order yet, thank you.
patricia white 5 good
Patricia Viamontes 5 Your prices and selection beat all others I have looked at!
Sheryl Harper 1 The wallpaper border I ordered looked bright and colorful on the website. It is not bright and do not like it. Also, every time I've tried calling them all I ever get is an answering machine. Even for sales. I finally found the website again and filled out a return form. Wonder how long that will take.
Cindy Leas 5 It was great. I found what I wanted right away ordered it. And now I hope I will receive it soon. I'm anxious to get it up.

Thank you.
karen dehart 5 Easy and convenient
Sharon 5 easy access to type of paper I was looking for.
Judy 5 Very easy ... great choice.
Dolores Swanegan 5 I plan to order again at a later date.  I requested an RMA because the color was not as I expected from the illustration online.  I have not received instructions on returning the border I received.

Please contact me with instructions for returning this product.

Thank you,

Dolores Swanegan
Harold Barnett 5 Going to bed Im tired
Katie Hill 5 Unfortunately, the paste didn't activate very well on this border.  I used the most standard process (1 minute to soak, 10 minutes to fold the wet sides together) and there was almost no paste and/or no activation of any paste.  Perhaps if this brand has some other specific instructions they should be included with the borders.  I wish I didn't have to apply extra paste myself, but the border itself is a perfect match for what we wanted and it was delivered so promptly that I have no regrets with the purchase.
  5 tried to call, phone would not let me talk to a real person,  website was easy to navigate
Priscilla Kennedy 4 Your selection was great. Had trouble choosing.
Marjorie Kavanaugh 5 So far, so good. I would like the option of express or overnight delivery.
Roger Brooks 5 Very easy to use website!
Camille Singleton 5 I loved the border, but couldn't justify taking down the wooden trim.
ladonna smith 4 Would like the survey after I receive the product.
Teresa Wheelock 5 Very easy to navigate the website to find what I am wanting.
Dolores Swanegan 5 Very satisfied with choices on this site. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Janet Wise 5 I love the border. It is exactly what I wanted and it looks good in the room
  5 easy to find what I wanted and more..
Jill Dennis 5 Very nice designs! Very nice border - I put it up already!  Itks great and went up well!  Would buy again!
JENNIFER SILBAUGH 5 Good selection and price.
Tina Furlong 5 fast and easy, cheap.
janet addington 1 no comment
Susan Matoes 5 Many choices!
Sheila Dane 5 Best price on border that I was looking for.
Carol 5 huge selection.
Sue 5 Very simple website
Avis     Platt 5 Lots of selection and low prices
ericka 5 like the theme and colors
robert loper 5 good price hopefully good quality, we shall see . . .
Roger Bartz 5 you should not ask too many questions when people are just starting their relationship with your company. save that for later.
tom 5 could not enter discount coupon
Amy Lolli 5 Great very easy to find what I was looking for.  Great selection.
  5 Easy to use website and checkout.  A++++++
Thomas Sheehan 5 I haven't received anything yet to comment on.
Linda Alessi 5 Easy site to maneuver.
  5 Was fast and easy - good selection.
Lowell Greer 5 So far, so good. Lots of fine looking papers!
Janet Addington 3 no thanks
William Bradley 3 little confusing using paypal...but it worked out
Robin Vlietstra 5 I was pleased with the quick service and product quality.  I just did't like the color I had ordered.
Jo 5 I was not able to find out if border I ordered was pre pasted.  Nothing was noted in description.  If it is not pre pasted I do not want it shipped.  Thank you

Received the borders.  went up without any problems.  Perfect color

Shawn 5 Found exactly what I was looking for at a great price!
Barbara Thompson 5 I found just what I was looking for, and your site was one of only a few that had the width I needed
Lynne Flanagan 4 Because I had cookies set (none) the order couldn't be placed. So we took the block off and the order went throug.
Eran 5 Waiting to have the Wallpaper border.
Chris Walsh 5 This is my first order - pleased so far - can't find where to put in the discount code
Marjorie Kavanaugh 5 Easy and I love the all the choices.
Cordie Mae Sumner 5 Great
Kathleen Weldon 5 already ordered 2 rolls- not enough but had a slight problem with product adhering to wall.Had to use another product to help along the edges.
Mariana Russo 5 First time visiting your site.  Seems nice.
sue asel 4 I love your selection
alice krauss 5 no message