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Your home deserves every bit of attention and care! Making a house a home is all about adding your personal touch to every room and each corner. Designing a home includes multiple tasks and selections that together make the perfect final result. A house is the combination of several big and small elements, put together aesthetically and with great planning. It’s usually the simplest of elements that add the maximum design power and charm to a space. Corbels are one such design element that hold great power to completely transform a space!

Corbels may seem like a tiny addition, but use them well and place them correctly and you will be surprised by the power they hold! Dream Wall Décor offers a wide range of Corbels for you to choose the ones that best suit your taste and needs. Some great ways to use corbels is as brackets for shelves, for corner moulding, or simply as decorative accents that add an elegant style to any room. We offer durable corbels that come in a range of designs and sizes. From simple to ornate, we are sure to offer something for everyone!

For polyurethane or wood corbels, Dream Wall Decor has an amazing selection to meet your home’s needs. The decorative accents are skilfully crafted with amazing designs that catch the eye, whether you choose to put them up in a living room, bedroom, home office or any another room. Many of our high-value corbels can be painted after being installed. This feature allows you to customize the finish to accent the furnishings in a room, wall colour, or to suit your personal colour preference. For each corbel, we provide a size chart so that you can easily see the width, height, and depth of each one. This allows you to get the perfect one for your unique space.

It is important to pick corbels to compliment the other design elements within a room. Whatever way you plan to use it, the most important part is to choose the right size; too big or too small can completely kill the effect! A basic idea of the exact place and size of the corbels will help you pick the perfect ones. We understand designs and we offer only the best of quality! All our products are made using the best material and adding the perfect designing techniques. Let’s create beautiful spaces!